HNR Issue 102 (November 2022)

On Good Authority

By Briana Una McGuckin - Published 2022


This unsettling Victorian gothic romance has a content warning, for which I’m glad. On Good Authority is a first-person accounting from Marian ...Read Review

The Iron Way: Volume 2 (The Sarmatian Trilogy)

By Tim Leach - Published 2022



175 AD Vindolanda, Britannia. Sarmatian warrior Kai has paid for his people’s defeat on the Danube by pledging his arms to Rome. At ...Read Review

Something in the Heir

By Suzanne Enoch - Published 2022



For reasons that are as complicated as they are unlikely, Emmeline and William Pershing need to ‘borrow’ two children to pass off as ...Read Review

The Mapmaker’s Daughter

By Clare Marchant - Published 2022



Clare Marchant’s third novel returns once more to the Tudor period. The historical focus for this book is the Dutch Protestants who ...Read Review

A Dangerous Business

By Jane Smiley - Published 2022



In Smiley’s short but impactful latest, two sex workers get caught up in a crime-novel scenario, one calling to mind the Edgar ...Read Review

Terra Nova

By Henriette Lazaridis - Published 2022


It is 1910, and Edward Heywoud and James Webb are attempting to reach the South Pole while Viola, who is wife to Edward and ...Read Review

The Winter Garden

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2022



Nicola Cornick’s latest timeslip novel looks at the Gunpowder Plot and its leader, Robert Catesby, a Catholic who planned to blow up ...Read Review

The War Girls: A WW2 Novel of Sisterhood and Survival

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2022



The War Girls opens in 1939, as the middle-class Polish Jewish family in which Stefa and Hanna Majewski grew up faces Adolf Hitler’s ...Read Review