HNR Issue 102 (November 2022)

The Secrets of Sainte Madeleine

By Tilly Bagshawe - Published 2022



Covering almost five decades, from 1923 to 1971, this is the story of three generations of Salignacs and their passionate love for the château ...Read Review

The Prince of Steel Pier

By Stacy Nockowitz - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Thirteen-year-old Joseph “Joey” Goodman lives with his parents, grandparents, three brothers, and an uncle. August 1975 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, should be busy ...Read Review

Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume VII

By Orlando Pearson - Published 2022



Dr Watson once again picks up his pen to present five cases taken by Sherlock Holmes— each too sensitive to be published at ...Read Review

The Last Dress from Paris

By Jade Beer - Published 2022


1952. Alice Ainsley prepares the Residence for a grand reception. She is dressed flawlessly in the latest Dior, yet her much older husband Albert, ...Read Review

A Duke at the Door (Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde, 3)

By Susanna Allen - Published 2022


Historical FantasyRomance

This Regency paranormal romance, 3rd in Allen’s Beau Monde series, involves an unlikely romantic pair, a duke who is also a shapeshifter ...Read Review

When the Devil Comes A-Calling (A Youngblood Brothers Western)

By Ethan J. Wolfe - Published 2022



This “Youngblood Brothers Western” is the third in a series by Al Lamanda under his frontier fiction name, Ethan J. Wolfe. Brothers Emmet ...Read Review

’Til All These Things Be Done

By Suzanne Moyers - Published 2022



On a hot Texas day in 1918, everything changes for Leola Rideout when her father is in a tragic accident. Disabled, he’s unable ...Read Review

When Stone Wings Fly: A Smoky Mountains Novel

By Karen Barnett - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

In the present day, Kieran Lucas’s grandmother, “Granny Mac,” is slipping away, her memories clouded by dementia. Granny Mac is also having ...Read Review

The Season

By Sophia Holloway - Published 2022



Seventeen-year-old, country-bred Henrietta Gaydon is about to make her debut in polite society, together with her cousin Caroline, under the aegis of her ...Read Review

Annie of Ainsworth’s Mill

By Katie Hutton - Published 2022



“You can take a man out of the streets of Belfast, but you’ll never take the streets of Belfast out of the ...Read Review

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