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Richard Lee

How do agents choose which authors to represent? What stands out in a new novel? What are the qualities of a new voice? This series, in the words of the agents themselves, seeks to find out. Each interview will be available to the general public for a limited time. Members of the Historical Novel Society will have access to the full series. All articles are copyright Richard Lee 2017.





Michelle Brower, Aevitas Creative Management

New York, USA


Which historical novelist(s) do you represent?

Hazel Gaynor, Heather Webb, Kris Waldherr, and others, some of whom aren’t strictly historical novelists.

How did the author come to you? What makes the author stand out for you?

I first read Hazel’s novel THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME on Amazon, where she had self-published, and I knew she had something special. She’d also managed to establish a real audience for herself, and when we spoke I was really impressed by her desire to work on the craft of writing and tell stories that really brought history alive.

Why should we be excited about the new book? Is there another book that is a ‘must read’ by the author?

The Cottingley Secret takes a pretty well known historical event- the Cottingley Fairy hoax, which was quite the news story of its time- and digs deeper to show the humanity and desire for connection that led the world to believe in fairies, however briefly. I am also a huge fan of Hazel’s A MEMORY OF VIOLETS, about flower sellers in London.

If the book is not yet available in some territories, when can readers expect it?

On sale now in North America. Releasing in Ireland on 7th September and in the UK/ANZ in ebook the same day. UK paperback publication in March 2018.

Hazel Gaynor

Can we follow the author on social media?

Yes, she is @HazelGaynor on Twitter and Instagram, and you can also follow her author page on Facebook.

Are you currently open to submissions of other historical fiction?

Yes. (Contact Michelle via Aevitas Creative Management or follow her on twitter @michellebrower)

Is there any specific kind of historical fiction you are more likely to be interested in?

Right now I am looking for things more on the literary side, and I am not a huge fan or ancient or medieval historical fiction (although there are always exceptions for the right project).


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