Simon Hawke

The Merchant of Vengeance

By Simon Hawke - Published 2003



Picture Shakespeare as a sleuth – this is what Hawke offers in this mystery series set in Elizabethan London. A young Will and his ...Read Review

Much Ado About Murder

By Simon Hawke - Published 2002



There is a period of William Shakespeare’s life (1585-1592) called the Lost Years, in which nothing is known — where he was, what ...Read Review

The Slaying of the Shrew

By Simon Hawke - Published 2001



What an entertaining revision of history! William Shakespeare, struggling young poet, player and would-be playwright — a detective? His friend and assistant in this, ...Read Review

A Mystery of Errors

By Simon Hawke - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

After viewing a performance by a traveling theater troupe, stage-struck apprentice blacksmith Symington “Tuck” Smythe leaves his country village and heads for London, ...Read Review