Alison Anderson (trans.)

Revolution Baby

By Alison Anderson (trans.) - By Joanna Gruda - Published 2014



Julek is literally a child of the Revolution. After the Polish Communist Party decides in 1929 that Comrade Helena Rappaport may indeed carry her ...Read Review

The Hurlyburly’s Husband

By Alison Anderson (trans.) - By Jean Teulé - Published 2014


The Marquis de Montespan and his wife, Athénaïs, have a passionate and loving relationship. They live in a style much larger ...Read Review

The Dream Maker

By Alison Anderson (trans.) - By Jean-Christophe Rufin - Published 2013


Biographical FictionLiterary

The Dream Maker follows the Renaissance adventures of Jacques Coeur, the man who played the role of Argentier to King Charles VII of ...Read Review