Never Less Than a Lady


Regency England. Widowed Lady Julia Raines’ soul and body bear scars given to her by her abusive late husband  the worst being the fact she can now never bear a child. She knows she could not bear the touch of another man after what she has experienced. She hides in the guise of a midwife in a small town, well away from London and Society, under the name of Julia Bancroft. When she is captured and accused of the murder of her husband by his cronies, Julia abandons hope. But unexpected rescue appears in the form of her husband’s cousin, Major Alexander Randall. The Earl of Daventry is not only Julia’s vindictive father-in-law, but the uncle of Major Randall. When the Major proposes to protect her from the Earl by marrying her, Julia reluctantly agrees, with a request: she can set limits on their intimacy, based on her emotional and physical scars. Randall agrees, knowing he will never have Julia if he does not.

This is one of the few romance novels I have read that deals with the emotional scars of abuse. Not only was it well written, but the characters were well developed and the story had depth. This is the third book of the trilogy. I have just purchased the first two, and I’m looking forward to reading them.

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