In the King’s Service

Written by Margaret Moore
Review by Cindy Vallar

After marrying Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry II relies on French advisers rather than his own countrymen, which upsets some English nobles. He sends Sir Blaidd Morgan, a trusted knight and friend, to determine whether Lord Throckton plots treason. To camouflage his mission, Blaidd woos the Lady Laelia, the most beautiful woman ever seen. Her younger sister, Lady Becca, however, is far more intriguing with her sharp tongue and stinging wit, harp playing, training as a warrior, and caring heart. As love unfolds, Blaidd strives to learn the truth about her father. All appears innocent, but Throckton Castle holds secrets and some of its people hint that all isn’t as it appears. A good, fast read that’s the perfect escape on a rainy day.