Daughter of Jerusalem


Mary Magdalene, or Mary of Magdala as she is known here, narrates the story of her life. As a girl, she fights with her stepmother and is sent to live with cousins, where she learns that her beauty causes women to be jealous and men to lust after her. Her cousin Daniel, who is destined to become a rabbi and scholar, is her best friend. Daniel sees that she is beautiful on the inside and out. They rejoice when Daniel’s father agrees to allow them to become engaged, and they are shattered when Daniel’s father “sells” Mary to a rich widower in need of a wife and heir. Mary’s despair leads her down a disreputable path, but her intentions are good and her actions understandable.

Wolf merges the Mary of “Mary and Martha” fame with Mary Magdalene, giving this Mary a major role in the life of Jesus. Mary is a strong, clear narrator, with a mildly feminist edge, and her story is engaging. When Jesus enters her life, it is fascinating to watch the famous events unfold from a perspective rarely shown. Mary’s voice is honest, and her descriptions of the joy and love of God are moving. An uplifting, enjoyable story.

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