Blue Moon Promise

Written by Colleen Coble
Review by Cindy Vallar

After a man breaks into their house and she loses her job, Lucy Marsh weds a man she’s never met. It’s the only way to protect her siblings, Eileen and Jed, now that her father is dead and her stepmother left them to fend for themselves. On a wintry day in 1877 and with great trepidation, they board a train for Texas.

Nate Stanton never expected his father to arrange a marriage by proxy for him, but his Christian upbringing and conscience prevent him from putting the trio back on the train. Getting to know each other presents comical and heart-stopping situations, least of which is the realization that Lucy’s uncle is Nate’s sworn enemy. When a stranger threatens Jed and a smarmy, handsome detective wheedles his way into the good graces of Nate’s father and Lucy’s cousin, they join together to discover the truth.

Lucy, Nate, and his father are strong-willed people who prefer to maintain control to fix problems, rather than putting their trust in God. The obstacles and situations that arise emphasize this central theme. Several spoonfuls of an elaborate mystery add ample spice to make this a heartwarming Western romance.