A River to Cross

Written by Yvonne Harris
Review by Cindy Vallar

Mexican soldiers abduct Elizabeth Evans and kill her brother, a newspaper editor who published information about General Manuel Diego’s design to overthrow his president. With the help of gypsies and several fellow Texas Rangers, Jake Nelson, a former army reconnaissance officer and now a Ranger captain, rescues Elizabeth from her captors and returns her to El Paso. Diego, refusing to allow anyone to thwart his plans, devises another scheme to kidnap this daughter of an important senator. Elizabeth’s attraction to Jake is instantaneous, but after her husband died, she vowed never to marry another military man. Although betrayed once before, Jake can’t deny what his heart wants. But will he prevent Diego from killing Elizabeth to spark another war between Mexico and the United States?

Set in 1886, this border town springs to life within the pages of this historical romance. Harris’s three-dimensional characters step off the pages in a stirring adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The depth of her research is evident throughout yet never intrudes into the intricate, sometimes humorous, web she weaves in this vivid portrayal of Texas Rangers in the Old West.