The definition of Saudi for the purposes of the SHSSA and SHNA will be this: the

Saudi period, between the dates 1700 and 1975 in the Arabian Peninsula which may

include social, cultural, and economic aspects. It also may include historical figures

and stories of rulers in the three Saudi states.


Select Bibliography:


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Select Wikipedia Searches:


House of Saud

Ottoman/Egyptian Wahhabi War

Destruction of Diriya

Emirate of Nejd

Jeddah Massacre

Rashidi dynasty

Battle of Mulayda

Unification of Saudi Arabia

Treaty of Darin

King Abdulaziz Al Saud

Al-Khurma Dispute



Select non-Saudi people of interest:



T.E. Lawrence

Gertrude Bell

St. John Philby

Capt. W.H.I. Shakespeare



Charles Richard Crane

Ameen Rihani



Husain Bey

Ibrahim Pasha