Winter Seeks Out the Lonely (Sonny Burton Novel)

Written by Larry D. Sweazy
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

It is January 1935, and former Texas Ranger, Sonny Burton, is surprised to see wagons driving by his home on the outskirts of Wellington, Texas, with circus performers, including an elephant and other animals. Sonny learns he must work with his son Jesse, a Texas Ranger in Wellington, and with Sheriff Jones in solving a mystery surrounding the hanging of a young Mexican man near the location of the circus tents. Meanwhile, Edith Grantley, who lives in Huntsville, Texas, is travelling 500 miles from her home to meet with Sonny and rekindle their love affair.

Tension builds as Sonny tries to solve the murder while locating several missing persons. The novel also follows Edith’s attempt to outrun a strange, dangerous man who is following her and then dealing with a violent winter sandstorm. This is the second book in a series but it also works as a stand-alone novel. Readers will be immersed in this exciting story.