When Gods Die

Written by C.S. Harris
Review by Bethany Latham

Apparently Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is having a rough year. Having just managed to clear himself of murder earlier in 1811 (see What Angels Fear), St. Cyr now finds himself looking into yet another murder. A beautiful young marchioness is found stabbed – in the arms of the Prince Regent himself. But the body exhibits unusual characteristics, and Sebastian is called in when it’s discovered that a necklace found on the marchioness was last owned by Sebastian’s mother – and she was wearing it the day she was lost at sea. Painful family secrets and conspiracies are uncovered as Sebastian attempts to solve the murder and save the monarchy.

Like the inaugural book in this series, Harris again showcases her ability to craft a fast-paced thriller with a convincing historical atmosphere and an intense, sexy protagonist. Unfortunately, this offering is significantly heavier on the romance and emotional baggage St. Cyr shares with his erstwhile actress lover, and this doesn’t sit as well. Though a small dose is needed for character development, the recurring romantic scenes become repetitive in their themes and slow the mystery plot. This is a minor quibble, however; When Gods Die is a skillfully written, gripping mystery that is well worth the read.