Two Brothers: The Lawman And The Gunslinger


It is 1853, and on a wagon train west a young woman gives birth to twin boys. Soon orphaned, the brothers, Shay and Tristain, are adopted by separate families and raised apart. It will be thirty years before they meet again.

Lael’s latest effort contains two romance novels in one book. The first story is about Shay, marshal for the town of Prominence, California. As the two brothers work together to discover who was responsible for the death of Shay’s fiancée, they begin to learn about each other. Miller interjects many humorous episodes into the storyline, making the book lighthearted and extremely enjoyable.

The second story is about Tristain, who decides to stay on in Prominence as a cattle rancher. One day as Tristain is out on the range, Emily Starbuck drives a flock of sheep through his ranch. Emily then stakes a claim on Tristain’s land that starts the sparks flying between them. Trouble is not far behind as the two fight together to protect their property. Linda Lael Miller paints a picture of the old West that makes readers feel as if they are standing in the middle of a dusty trail.

As in all romance novels, there is love at first sight and happy endings, and Two Brothers is no exception. If you enjoy stories of the old West with dangerous, mysterious, gorgeous cowboys and beautiful, daring, sassy women then you won’t be disappointed.


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