Trapped by Scandal

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

France and England, 1794-1795. Lady Hermione Fanshawe and William Ducasse, Viscount St. Aubery, meet in jail and put themselves in grave danger as they struggle against the terrorists and assassins of revolutionary France. This gripping page-turner combines passion, intrigue, and peril as “Hero” and William learn to love and trust one another. They must work together to battle secret agents of the Directoire and keep themselves and other targeted victims alive and safe from the guillotine. The horror and heartbreak of the French Revolution are vividly portrayed, and readers will cheer for William and Hero as they put themselves in harm’s way trying to save family members and loved ones on both sides of the English Channel. Smoldering, sensual love scenes are explicit, but in good taste, and do not slow the riveting plot. The free morals of the hero and heroine seem a little uncharacteristic for the times, but backstories do provide the motivation for this. Fans of spicy, steamy historical romance will like this one by multi-published author Jane Feather.