To Rescue A Rogue

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Sue Asher

Lord Darius Debenham is the last of the Rogues remaining unaccounted for in this popular Regency series. Known for his love of life, Dare could be relied upon for light-hearted fun until he was wounded at Waterloo, made a captive, and forcibly addicted to laudanum. Now returned to physical health, he is fighting the addiction. He seems a different man, yet flashes of his old self appear, giving hope to his friends and family, particularly to Lady Ademara St. Bride. The sister of a Rogue, Mara remembers Dare as he was, not only her brother’s friend, but her one-time champion. When he rescues her from yet another lark that might have ruined her, she sees his many strengths. She has faith he will overcome his addiction – with her help. She convinces him to escort her around London to keep her out of trouble, and before long, the two fall in love. That part is simple, and their courting makes for a charming and entertaining read. Beverley throws a few difficulties in their path to keep the plot lively, but the main villain is Dare’s addiction, villain enough.