Time’s Captive

Written by Kate Lyon
Review by Debra Rodensky

Modern-day Kris Baldwin is quite satisfied with her life until her Comanche grandmother casts a spell that transports her into the late 19th century American southwest. Confused by her situation, Kris tries to ally herself with Black Eagle, a handsome warrior with her ancestors’ tribe. Believing that Kris possesses strong medicine and can tell his people how to defeat the white men, Black Eagle hauls Kris before the war council. Kris tries to convince her people that the only way to survive is to surrender and live out their lives on the reservation. This knowledge only angers the council. and Kris finds herself in more danger than ever. Feeling like the Greek heroine Cassandra, doomed to always speak the truth but never believed, Kris tries to fit in with The People, wondering if she will ever return to the present. And if she does, can she live without the man she loves?

The author doesn’t shy away from the either the harsh facts of history or the cruelty that men can inflict on women or each other. Instead, she has crafted a well-written story that uses these tragedies to tell a wonderful tale of love and hope. Highly recommended.