Thunder Voice

Written by Sigmund Brouwer
Review by Rachel A Hyde

Sam Keaton is sheriff of Laramie back in the wild western days of the 1870s. He has his work cut out for him in these breathless adventures: solving mysteries and chasing murderers in two of the fastest-paced historical whodunits I have read for some time. He struggles with his obsession for both the beautiful Sioux chief’s daughter Evening Star and the bottle, and has some good friends and a lot of bad enemies, not all of who are male.

He also wrestles with his Christian faith, having come to it late in life. If you are not religious or of a different faith, don’t let it put you off a good story, but if you are a Christian, then Sam’s joys and travails will add an extra dimension to these already well-rounded stories. Don’t think either that these are prim and “squeaky clean” tales where the hero is afraid to draw a gun and the villains aren’t bad enough, for Sam gets into some far tougher and more violent scrapes than in many murder stories I have read recently. I personally enjoyed the added dimension of Sam being a practising Christian, for it reminded me that in the past religion filled most aspects of people’s lives, and this too often gets passed over in many historical novels. I can thoroughly recommend both these books. If you want more, then check out the first two in the quartet, Evening Star and Silver Moon.