Though My Heart Is Torn: Cadence of Grace, Book 2

Written by Joanne Bischof
Review by Jeanne Greene

The second book in Bischof’s series set in 19th-century Appalachia (after Be Still My Soul, 2012) continues the story of Lonnie and Gideon O’Riley and their young son, Jacob. The little family is settled on a quiet farm in the Blue Hills. The relationship that started out with a forced marriage is beginning to look like love. Then Cassie Allan, a woman from Gideon’s past, claims that Gideon is married to her. Lonnie looks to Gideon to disprove the allegations, but he is unable to do so without seeing Cassie.

Lonnie has no reason to believe Gideon will return. Courted by another man, Lonnie resists the idea of marriage. Life alone is difficult, and she has her son to consider, so Lonnie makes a difficult decision. Faraway Gideon fights with his conscience. Is he obligated to stay with Cassie, who is ill? Where does Gideon belong? This is a story of two decent people trying to live according to their faith, one best read as a series by readers who enjoy inspirational fiction.