Theodora in Love

Written by Ann Barker
Review by Karen Wintle

After her father’s death, Theodora goes to live with her new adopted family, but she is dreading the London season. While she is a pretty girl she has had a limp since birth. This makes her very self-conscious so she avoids high society whenever possible. However Theodora  accepts an invitation from her newly found friend, Dorothy Wordsworth, to stay with her and her brother, the poet William Wordsworth. They are soon joined by his friend Samuel Coleridge to whom Theodora, shy as she is, is soon attracted. In this new society she meets danger and intrigue and a new friend, Alex Kydd.

As with a lot of Regency romances, this follows a similar pattern but it also incorporates real life people. While this may add a touch of reality, this combination does not suit everybody. You need to read it simply as a love story rather than any actual comment on the people involved – but who’s to say the events did not slip through the cracks in the history books!  It all adds spice. A pleasant enough read and well written with an imaginative story.