The Winter Holiday Sampler: Seventeen Wonderful Stories of Regency England

Written by Kelly Ferjutz Ed.
Review by Tracey A. Callison

The result of a second contest designed to solicit story entries (the first resulted in A Regency Sampler), this collection’s requirements were that the stories be based on the winter holidays and set between Advent and Twelfth Night. The result? Eighteen original tales running the gamut from traditional lighthearted Regency romance to heartfelt stories of acceptance, faith and love.

In “A Hanukkah Invitation,” a Jewish widower with prospects must decide whether to stay true to his heritage or to marry for advancement. It’s a relief to get out of the ballrooms and sitting rooms and into the life of some of the less prominent members of the time. “The Christmas Walk” is a profoundly poignant tale of love and loss set in Edinburgh, another underutilized location. There are some fine examples of traditional Regency tales as well. “Page and Monarch, Forth They Went” was my favorite of these, a touching tale about a young woman being manipulated into a marriage against her will and her dashing, mysterious rescuer. Recommended for readers who enjoy Regencies.