The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi

Written by Alyssa Palombo
Review by Viviane Crystal

Enter the world where violin lessons taught to Adriana d’Amato by a young, fledgling red-haired priest, Antonio Vivaldi, evolve into a fiery, secret romance that can never be publicly acknowledged. The fusion of musical and physical passion grows into phenomenal creativity and performance. Venice in the 18th century is a city where people truly cherish beautiful music whether performed in concert or in popular opera performances.

Adriana often wonders what the future role of women will be, since they are not presently permitted to perform in public; add to that the fact that upon her famous singer mother’s death, her father forbade Adriana to play the violin ever again. Adriana will sacrifice so much in order to cherish her beloved Antonio, which eventually sparks her own musical compositions. Family dysfunction, violence, and manipulations of Adriana’s future continue until the day when Adriana and her family are free to be honest about her past passionate relationship with Vivaldi, astonishing Venice with his talent and his vivid influence on Adriana’s children.

The mesmerizing descriptions of the musical compositions written and played in this novel are the highlights of this story, along with following the enchanting affair of this dynamic and talented couple. Scenes presented of Venetian “Carnevale” and other cultural delights add to the reader’s enjoyment. So gorgeous are the relationships and music reflected here that the reader will want to spend hours listening to truly beautiful music created by both Antonio Vivaldi and Adriana d’Amato. Stunning, lovely historical fiction that is a must-read!