The Sins of Lord Easterbrook

Written by Madeline Hunter
Review by Nan Curnutt

Soon after arriving in England from her home in Macao, Leona Montgomery meets up with the one man she can’t forget. She remembers him as Edmund, the man she lost her heart to seven years ago. Now she discovers his real name is Christian, Lord Easterbrook. Many people believe he is crazy. She thinks he might be responsible for the death of her father, a Country Trader who befriended him. Despite all this, Leona still finds herself attracted to this man as the two of them struggle to solve the mysteries surrounding her father’s death.

Although the actions of the main characters seem too modern for the time period, other aspects of this story set it firmly in the early 19th century. Ms. Hunter’s historical detail is well researched, and her description of the politics of the East India Company and the hazards of Opium addiction are the novel’s greatest strength. This is an interesting and entertaining romantic novel.