The Piano Tuner

Written by Daniel Mason
Review by Jetta Culpepper

Edgar Drake, Piano Tuner, Erards-a-Specialty, receives an urgent request for service in the name of Her Majesty. He reports to the War Office in 1886. Shortly afterwards, Drake leaves his wife and London for Burma. During the journey across Europe, the Red Sea, and India, Drake meets prophets, thieves, soldiers, and tale spinners. Their stories are pondered in the suspenseful days ahead. The owner of the piano is Surgeon-Major Carroll, whose loyalty is questioned. Heat and rain draw the pleasures of work back to the startling realities of life in this tropical jungle.

This is a highly recommended historical novel with international appeal. Readers who are curious about Burma’s culture, politics, and the rugged tropical life of the times may read this book twice. The author has employed a writing style detailing the difficult journey, unimaginable beauty of the terrain and struggles within Burma. It is a story of passion and romance in a rich plot that will be well remembered.