The Patriot Threat

Written by Steve Berry
Review by Barry Webb

This is a book on taxes! Only a lawyer would write a novel on taxes, and only Steve Berry could turn a book on taxes into a page-turning thriller.

The plot revolves around the illegality of the income tax and a rogue son of an ex-North Korean leader who wants to use documents proving that contention as a way to destroy the U.S. and ingratiate himself with North Korean military leaders, so as to wrest power away from his half-brother. The half-brother, of course, wants the same documents – as do the Chinese for their own purposes. In order to save the United States from disintegration, Former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone and friends have to somehow wrest those documents from the rogue North Korean – and the others – without getting killed.

In telling the story Berry delves into historical tidbits from the time of the founding fathers, the signing of the 16th amendment in 1913, and FDR, while all the action takes place in current time. A must-read for anyone who hates taxes, or just wants a good read.