The Paper Caper

Written by Tim Topps
Review by Richard Tearle

Tim Topps is both our narrator and our hero in this post war/cold war ripping yarn style adventure. Called up for National Service, Tim seems to have a cushy number, being assigned to improve the flagging readership of a small local Army paper. But there is a hidden agenda – he is asked to flush out a ring of ‘sleepers’ as well as the man (or woman?) who runs them. Like all good thrillers, he has a beautiful assistant, willing helpers and a goodly number of suspects and red herrings. As Tim chases around the Shropshire and Herefordshire countryside, the tension mounts as he slowly uncovers the truth.

As in most stories of this genre, sometimes the links that allow the investigators to move on are somewhat tentative, but the writing is delightfully whimsical, thoroughly entertaining, and full of picturesque locations. The characters are large and believable.