The Mislaid Magician


It has been ten years since Kate and Cecy married Thomas and James in The Grand Tour. With budding families, the four friends once again undertake magical mysteries. At the request of the Duke of Wellington, Cecy and James embark on a chase across England to discover the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of a German railway engineer. In their search, they find that the railway lines are wreaking havoc with ancient underground magic, and someone is magically turning wizards into dogs.

Meanwhile, Kate and Thomas have their hands full taking care of all the children, a mysterious girl they rescue from a kidnapper, an intruder sneaking about their property, and sister Georgiana running away from her husband. Not to mention Kate accidentally getting turned into a foxhound.

As with their other two novels (Sorcery and Cecelia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot, and The Grand Tour), Wrede and Stevermer wrote this installment of the cousins’ exploits by playing the Letter Game. This time, the letters are not only between Kate and Cecy, but also between their husbands. It makes for a wonderful blend of magic, mystery, adventure, and romance. All the best characters from the previous novels, including Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Charlotte, have made appearances in the story, creating a quirky humorous tale of adventure, filled with historical detail, and sparkling with wit. The entire series is a wonderful young adult fantasy, and a must read for adults and kids alike.

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