The Man Who Never Returned

Written by Peter Quinn
Review by John R. Vallely

Fintan Dunne’s retirement life in sunny Florida has not proven very satisfying to the veteran of the NYPD and wartime service in the OSS. Bored with his leisure time, and with his wife, Dunne is enticed back into his profession by an old colleague and an enigmatic media mogul. His assignment is to solve the riddle of the disappearance of the New York State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Crater. The time is 1955, and the 1930 case is seemingly so cold as to make any investigation hopeless. Yet Dunne willingly plunges into New York City’s winter, corrupt city and state politics, and untrustworthy colleagues to get to the bottom of the famous judge’s life and the mystery surrounding his sudden disappearance. Peter Quinn has an encyclopedic knowledge of the New York of the time, and his treatment of Dunne and his challenges in finding truth in the murky waters of media and city politics are as intriguing as the Crater saga itself.