The Making of a Duchess

Written by Shana Galen
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

Orphaned as an infant, Sarah Smith is happy with her job as a governess. She is not happy when her employer, Sir Northrop, forces her to go undercover as a spy for the British government. Her job is to find proof that French emigré Julien Harcourt, the Duc de Valère, is a traitor to England. To do this, Sarah must pretend to be Mademoiselle Seraphina Artois, daughter of family friends the Harcourts have not seen since the French Revolution, when she was a baby. Sarah is, endearingly, the worst spy ever. Her cover is soon blown, but Sarah is convinced that Julien is not a traitor and decides to work by Julien’s side to prove him innocent. The romance is between Julien and Sarah, and though they are passionately attracted and care deeply for one another, the lies they have told bring conflict to the relationship. Galen has written a fun romance, and if the ending isn’t a surprise, it is, at least, quite satisfying. With one loose end left untied, a sequel seems likely.