The Life and Times of Homer Sincere, Whose Amazing Adventures Are Documented by his True and Trusted Friend Rigby Canfield


This picturesque novel set in the 1950s and 60s tells the story of the friendship between two boys of the South, downtrodden in everything but hope and wisdom. Homer and his more privileged partner and friend, Rigby Canfield, share a love of words, adventure, a girl named Daisy, and most of all, the movies. Fans of cowboy star Billy Sunshine, they become moviemakers themselves as children in New Orleans. Their lives diverge with their circumstances as they work as reporters for the Time/Life company. Homer then takes a job writing in Hollywood, while Rigby sails off on a true-life adventure at sea. Finally, they join together on journalistic assignment inVietnam. Along the way, charismatic characters influence—a vegetable cart man full of wisdom, an orphanage director with a shady past, and the Cowboy hero and his screenwriter. The story travels from Louisiana to California and New York City and London as Daisy heads off to further her acting career.

A ripping boys’ yarn written in Technicolor, the bright spots of Homer Sincere become dimmed by a story as overwritten and under-edited as its title, the wooden dialogue, and tendency toward the sentimental. The world of the movies ends up seeming more real than the shades that inhabit this novel.

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