The King’s Man

Written by Alison Stuart

This novel by Alison Stuart concerns the later part of the Parliamentary era of the English Civil War. It is based on events that have been recorded by history, but seen through the eyes of a storyteller. Thamsine Granville is in London escaping from a man, but we don’t know at first who or why, and she makes a decision that will change the course of her life. Nearby is a veteran of the war, a Royalist, who appears to come to her rescue.

This story, in the hands of another writer, would end about half way through. That would be a concise, contained story, but Ms Stuart doesn’t leave her characters dangling and she continues to weave the story through London and further afield until all the loose ends are collected and neatened. There is one exception, and that will, I hope, be where the next story comes from. It promises to be exciting!

This was a pleasure to read, an entertaining novel that does actually keep you guessing and wanting to know what could conceivably happen next. The villain is possibly a little two-dimensional, but who doesn’t love a baddie? Our heroine is feisty enough to avoid being insipid, she is not perfectly beautiful and she has faults; our hero is multifaceted and not quite what you expect. We even get to meet Charles Stuart the younger.

A thoroughly good read, Ms Stuart’s novel will suit you if you are looking for adventure, romance and a dose of English Civil War history. No pitched battles, but the war continues.

e-edition reviewed