The Greatest Love on Earth

Written by Mary Ellen Dennis
Review by Sue Asher

The Greatest Love on Earth is a lusty, adventure-packed romance set against the backdrop of late 1800s circus life. The heroine is 17-year-old Calliope Kelly, a spirited and talented equestrian performer. Her father is the circus owner/ringmaster, and her mother a beautiful tight-rope walker. But Calliope’s mother dies in a mysterious fall that Calliope refuses to believe was an accident. Her heartbroken father spirals into alcoholism, forcing Calliope to take over managing the show.

In the course of the book, Calliope attracts many male admirers. For practical reasons, she gives all their proposals due consideration, but the only man she truly wants is Brian O’Connor, the one-time lion tamer for the circus. She has adored Brian since she was a child. He disappeared the night of her mother’s death but returned seeking a job. Their mutual attraction is intense and immediate. However, they are both hot-headed and quick to take offense. Despite their desire, pride and misunderstandings get in the way of the relationship. Although they can’t converse without one or the other storming off in a huff, neither can they keep apart. Then disaster strikes the circus. Calliope believes she has lost everything, including Brian. With no choice but to make a fresh start, she is thwarted at every turn and finds herself in increasingly dangerous situations. Calliope discovers it’s not so easy to leave the circus life – or circus people – behind. If you enjoy romances on the steamy side, this book delivers.