The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Written by Amanda Quick
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Anna Harris finds her boss Helen Spencer bloodily dead. Following directions left by Spencer to “take the notebook… run for your life,” she changes her name to Irene Glasson and heads for California. But Irene can’t escape death there, either. She discovers a woman’s body in a secluded hotel swimming pool. The hotel’s owner, Oliver Ward, is attracted to Irene, and tries to help her as they become entangled in multiple plots: the movie studio tries to keep fast-rising actor Nick Tremayne’s private life “clean” and cover up his connection with the dead woman, and Irene and Oliver must elude Julian Enright, a shady lawyer who is after the missing notebook at any cost.

Short chapters propel this story of Hollywood’s Golden Age forward at a breathless pace. Irene and Oliver are likeable characters, and Oliver’s background as a former magician whose final performance nearly killed him adds spice to the romance. I thought the scene where the villain’s motives are revealed was presented in a somewhat clumsy, protracted manner, but I’m sure Quick’s fans and lovers of romantic suspense will enjoy the characters and atmosphere.