The Gaudi Key

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This historical thriller is based on the premise that Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona’s famous, modernist architect, was the keeper of one of Christianity’s most important artifacts when he was killed by a trolley in 1926. One of the seven Knights of Moriah, Gaudi passed this artifact on to Juan Givell, his young companion. Now, eighty years later, Givell must disclose the location of the artifact, thereby setting into motion the final part of an ancient prophecy. Suffering from acute Alzheimer’s, Givell reveals all he can remember to his granddaughter, Maria, who, naturally, is unsure what part of his fantastic tale, if any, is fact.

Aiding Maria is her boyfriend, Miguel, a noted mathematician, and her new friend Taimatsu, a Gaudi expert. Together they begin to solve a series of complex riddles left by her grandfather, all while becoming more and more certain that their task is deadly serious. They are working against time and the Corbel, another secret society, whose members worship Baphomet. They are dedicated to evil and desperate to obtain the artifact before the prophecy can be fulfilled.

The Gaudi Key is compelling and solidly written. One might argue that it is derivative of The Da Vinci Code, but that would be selling it short. I admired this vivid mixture of culture, history, spirituality and intrigue.



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