The Fat Badger Society

Written by Dawn Harris
Review by Jo Barton

When Lady Drusilla Davanish is summoned to Downing Street, she is warned that John Hamerton, the proposed guest at her home on the Isle of Wight, may be a French spy. With his connections to Robespierre, Hamerton poses a huge threat to British security. Charged with the task of uncovering the truth, Drusilla must try to determine just how much of a threat Hamerton poses, and in doing so uncovers much about those close to her.

This nicely written historical mystery story is reminiscent of a lighter style of writing, and whilst it meanders along at a gentle pace it doesn’t compromise on either story or content. I enjoyed getting to know Lady Drusilla, she is a strong and feisty protagonist, and it is interesting to observe how she interacts with the assorted characters that flit into and out of the novel. Overall, the historical background is nicely researched and there is an authenticity to both style and content which I found particularly interesting. The book, with its quirky title and captivating book cover, is professionally finished to a high standard, and the author’s obvious love of writing is evident in the way the story is allowed to evolve at its own pace. I am sure that those readers who have enjoyed book one in the series will be equally captivated by this continuation of Drusilla’s story, and for new readers, it is entirely possible to enjoy this second book without prior knowledge of the first.

The book sits well within the historical mystery genre, and I have no hesitation in recommending The Fat Badger Society as an enjoyable historical read.