The Far Side of the Sun

Written by Kate Furnivall
Review by Cathy Kemp

Orphaned at a young age, Dodi has secured her independence in the Bahamian capital Nassau, working as a waitress with her own beachside home. As she walks home late one night from her shift in the restaurant, she is begged for help from an American man who has been fatally stabbed and is cowering in some bushes. Her life is completely altered by subsequent events, and Dodi becomes involved with people whom she would normally avoid. Finding previously unknown strengths within herself, Dodi sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder and is rapidly drawn into dealings with the Mob, the Police, and a senior diplomat’s wife called Ella with whom Dodi forms a friendship.

This story is loosely based on the unresolved murder of a rich and famous character from 1943, when the global conflict reaches the Governor of the Bahamas, the Duke of Windsor and his wife Wallace. Kate Furnivall uses some excellent descriptive passages in her scene setting, but I found the plot somewhat lacking in realism and the conclusion more sensational than believable.