The Dishonorable Miss Delancey

Written by Carolyn Miller
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

This Regency-set historical romance opens with almost-gothic high drama instead of levity—its heroine is contemplating suicide. The Honorable Miss DeLancey has made herself a scandal of the ton by being jilted by the man she loves, then trying to reclaim him after he is wed. Add that her family fortune and dowry are gone, thanks to a gambling-addicted brother, and we have a young lady thoroughly “on the shelf” at twenty-five. Her rescuer is a wounded sea captain hero of the Napoleonic wars with neither fortune nor title, but a great heart and an interesting family to set a plot of intrigue, class conflict and redemption in motion.

This inspirational novel is a rare blend of grace-based faith that fits into both history and circumstances. Details of the period and Brighton are spot-on. Its winsome heroine finds her redemption through her art (she’s a gifted musician), her Christianity, and the love of a good man. Through her trials and adventures, Clara DeLancey learns to value character over breeding. A wonderful novel of flawed people growing in their faith, hope, and love. Highly recommended.