The Diary of Narcissa Dunn

Written by Elaine Violette
Review by Nicky Galliers

Olivia’s life is unremarkable. She is the daughter of a minister at the turn of the 19th century, active in the community and courted by a local boy who is training to enter the church and take over from her aging father. And then events conspire to change everything.

This novel is a good read.  It is not filled with action and adventure, but emotional and about how people think and feel: how Olivia feels about her suitor, when she is given an insight into what love really feels like, in the form of carpenter Benjamin; how her father feels about her upcoming marriage; how William, her beau, feels about Lovena, Olivia’s servant and confidante. Beliefs, and how these beliefs change as information is revealed, are at the centre of the novel.

It is also a light ghost story, not one to fill your heart with terror. Narcissa Dunn remains mostly a ghost, a shadow, and only comes to life in the pages of her diary. This diary is the hook that the story hangs on, but it is certainly not over-played.  What this has to do with Olivia, well, I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.

This is a good book, one that keeps you wanting to read on. There is much to discover and it is so constructed that it is not immediately obvious what is going to happen. And that keeps you reading.

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