The Devilish Montague

Written by Patricia Rice
Review by Monica E. Spence

Blake Montague is the brilliant, but socially challenged, third son of a wealthy aristocratic family. He wants to buy his colors as an officer in the British army, which will give him the opportunity to crack a mysterious code that will help defeat Napoleon. His parents refuse him the money because they fear he’ll be killed on the Peninsula. Blake’s father offers him a house, the old Carrington estate, an incentive to wed. Blake offers a marriage of convenience to Jocelyn Carrington, the beautiful, well-dowered, youngest daughter of an aristocratic family.

Jocelyn agrees to the marriage in order to reacquire her family home and the stability so lacking in her life and that of her parrot-obsessed younger brother. A series of accidents, a stolen pair of parrots, Jocelyn’s mother, her despicable older brother, and his pushy French wife add to the confusion and the merriment during a masquerade ball. Can Blake break the code without returning to the army? Will he and Jocelyn find happiness and permanence in their marriage? Of course, this is a romance, after all.

The Devilish Montague is a Regency story of love, loyalty and unexpected happiness. I recommend it.