The Crossing at Cypress Creek (A Natchez Trace Novel)

Written by Pam Hillman
Review by Thomas j. Howley

In 1790, living along the Mississippi River near the tiny but dangerous settlement of Cypress Creek, Alanah Adams is neither a bedraggled and crazy woodswoman nor a refined and fancy lady, but she pretends to be both. Alanah’s younger sister was kidnapped by river pirates six months ago, and she lives precariously with her mentor and healer in the art of country medicine, Lydia. Her itinerant preacher uncle is seldom home from his clerical rounds. Into Alanah’s life abruptly strides native Irishman Caleb O’Shea, a former soldier of fortune and sailor. The river pirates continue to be a threat to Alanah and Caleb’s four brothers, who also have taken homes in the area. With the help of some fellow sailors, loggers, and especially Alanah, Caleb must take measures to protect his extended family and decide his future.

The third in a series, this splendid book combines simmering romance, frontier adventure, and subtle inspiration. The dialogue rings genuine and, at times humorous. The good characters are immensely attractive and the bad ones evil incarnate. Steadily increasing tension makes the ending even more satisfying. A great read and strongly recommended.