The Cobra and the Lily

Written by Sheri Cobb South
Review by Suzanne Crane

The Cobra and the Lily takes the reader to ancient Egypt just prior to the Biblical Exodus of the Hebrews led by Moses. Author Sheri Cobb South’s focus is not on the renowned characters of this period, but on a simple, sweet love story between an Egyptian noble, Ra-Met, and a Hebrew slave girl, Lila. She is bought by Ra-Met after he hears her singing, which soothes his debilitating headaches. Eventually, they secretly realize that they love each other but feel that the enormous differences in social status and beliefs are unbreachable barriers. Set against the background of the plagues and the efforts of Moses to convince Pharaoh to free the Hebrews from bondage, Ms. South’s writing brings to life many of the general aspects of the cultures and faiths in a very readable way. The Cobra and the Lily is very much suited for older juvenile/young adult ages, but more mature readers, too, can appreciate the story and its happily- ever-after ending.