The Camelot Conspiracy: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the CIA


Jimmy Hoffa said one kills a snake by cutting off its head, referring to the need to remove John F. Kennedy from the office of President in order to get to the source of opposition in Bobby Kennedy, attorney general during his brother’s presidency in the 1960s. But the trouble begins long before then, when Fidel Castro is solidifying his power in Cuba and seeking the complete support of the Soviet Union via Nikita Khrushchev. The Mafia has lost access to Cuban casinos and thereby a huge source of income. Growing in number, Cuban exiles are fomenting a revolutionary coup and are not beyond appropriating the support of the Kennedy Administration, FBI, CIA, and the Mob. The Kennedy Administration, on the other hand, wants this threat to its national security removed in a manner that doesn’t implicate its leaders.

Sound like a recipe for disaster? That it is. Beginning with mobster Dante Amato and Cuban aristocrat Marissa Del Valle, whose parents were murdered in the Castro takeover, a conspiracy grows to assassinate Castro and invade Cuba. Readers will be flipping the pages as each plan goes awry. Turncoats, policy opponents, and sheer stupidity fail to correctly estimate Castro’s intelligence net. The Mob’s target changes and again is foiled because of leaks. Was Lee Harvey Oswald the sole killer of John F. Kennedy? Read this novel, based on a combination of all available evidence, and decide as you jettison through as much appalling fact and fiction about the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Kennedy’s assassination. Did no one person know what the other was doing? E. Duke Vincent through this work of historical fiction invites the reader to make the call.


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