The Bride Hunt

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

This second volume in the Matchmaker series, set in early 20th century London, features Prudence, the middle Duncan sister: intelligent, serious, beautiful, with an excellent clothes sense. The sisters have continued the publication of The Mayfair Lady, started by their mother, as a way to eke out a living after their father lost the family fortunes. Trouble looms when The Mayfair Lady is hit with a lawsuit for publishing a scathing article about an unscrupulous peer of the realm. The sisters seek to enlist Sir Gideon Malvern, a young and extraordinarily successful barrister, to represent them. The milieu is vividly represented, though Prudence and her sisters are very forward thinking women and perhaps not typical! I found this volume to be even more delightful than The Bachelor List, Constance’s story.