The Bad Luck Wedding Night

Written by Geralyn Dawson
Review by Mary K. Bird-Guilliams

This light romantic read, part of a series with the “bad luck” wedding theme, begins by sustaining the narrative of the wedding night and its complications for 43 pages!  Set in the late 1800s, the story begins in frontier Fort Worth, Texas with the elaborate wedding and the disastrous wedding night. The last two thirds of the book take place in Scotland and England. Weddings and the details before, during, and after figure prominently in the plot for two reasons: the bride is a wedding consultant who moves among high American society, and the groom is an English lord with a large family of girls to see settled in good marriages. The style of the book is gentle and whimsical, with light touches of humor and romantic predicaments.  There is some use of historical setting and events that helps to keep the reader in the correct timeframe.  The book is perfect for the reader who likes a sweet romantic novel with just a touch of history