Stolen Away

Written by Max Allan Collins
Review by Wendy A. Zollo

Nate Heller, Collins’ Chicago detective, is assigned to the Lindbergh abduction case after rescuing a child from a kidnapping attempt. Heller is forced to play games with the masters of the underworld, the tricksters, and the warped ideals of the thirties. A game he plays very well, indeed! He confronts gangsters, Colonel Lindbergh, an inept investigation, and Eliot Ness while slithering his way to a very plausible conclusion.

Collins knows the meaning of the word “detective” and has drawn an immaculate portrait of a man who is a flawed seeker of truth. His sage never seems out of touch with the era and delivers some of the most priceless, sardonic statements I’ve ever read. (The best of the best is at the end of the book, and Collins deserves a pat on the back for using it!)

Any fan of gritty, exceptional mysteries will be impressed, startled and easily won over by Collins and Heller.