Sphinx’s Queen

Written by Esther Friesner
Review by Viviane Crystal

Nefertiti, the famous Queen of Egypt, is a young girl forced to escape the Crown Prince, a man she was to have married. He has accused her of killing a sacred animal, a deed which mandates a death sentence. Along with her brother and a Hebrew slave girl, Nefertiti travels through Egypt, risking death by wild animals and manipulative bandits. However, it seems Nefertiti has divine protection, as innocent, honest characters miraculously appear to help her reach Pharaoh to present her side of the story. A battle of wills follows, forcing the Queen and Pharaoh to reconsider their trust. Is the Crown Prince so misguided and evil that their decision to pass the rule of Egypt to him is inappropriate? Is Nefertiti truly honest, or actually a threat to the Crown Prince and thus to the country?

Nefertiti is portrayed as an intelligent young woman who repeatedly demonstrates her ability to confront the most lethal dangers. Readers will delight in how she displays the wisdom, courage, and unique religious perspective that will be Egypt’s boon for years to come under her rule.