Song of my Soul

Written by Ginny Aiken
Review by Audrey Braver

In 1893, Adrian Gamble, new owner of the Heart of Silver Mine, arrives in Hartville, Colorado, and promptly becomes a romantic target for the single women in town. Just about the only woman who doesn’t have matchmaking on her mind is a young widow, Phoebe Williams. Phoebe supports herself by running the company store; her main concern is keeping her job. Because Adrian refuses to disclose any details of his past, lurid gossip abounds. Phoebe’s husband was killed in a suspicious mine cave-in, along with the former owner and a number of Chinese miners. When the young widow of one of the Chinese miners shows up on Phoebe’s doorstep and is later murdered, Adrian and Phoebe investigate. They uncover a deadly truth while falling in love.

This is the second book in the Silver Hills Trilogy of Christian romance. Ginny Aiken, a competent historical author, has mastered this particular genre. In Song of My Soul, she shows how hypocrisy of “respectable” citizens who allow racial and social prejudice to cloud their judgment can nearly destroy Adrian and Phoebe’s future happiness.