Some Enchanted Evening

Written by Christina Dodd
Review by Audrey Braver

As revolution sweeps Europe, the principality of Beaumontage falls. The king is killed; the Dowager Queen sends his daughters, three princesses, into exile in England. The girls are separated and betrayed. They’re left penniless in a foreign country. In 1808, a beautiful stranger visits Freya Crags, a small Scottish village. She calls herself Princess Clarice and claims the cosmetics she sells are made from an ancient royal receipt. Robert Mackenzie, Earl of Hepburn, believes she’s a charlatan and the perfect instrument to help him exact revenge on an old enemy. Clarice refuses to help; it is not a thing princesses do. Robert then resorts to behavior unworthy of a gentleman and blackmails her into helping him. They fall in love, knowing it is doomed. Then Clarice is captured and imprisoned as a horse thief in England. Robert rushes to her rescue, assisted by a mysterious stranger who has come to take Clarice back to Beaumontage.
Some Enchanted Evening is the first in Christina Dodd’s new Lost Princess series. This is her hardcover debut. A skilled storyteller, her many fans will not be disappointed.