William Morrow

Resistance Women: A Novel

By Jennifer Chiaverini - Published 2019


Beginning in 1929, Resistance Women follows the life of Mildred Fish Harnack, an American literary scholar married to the brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack, ...Read Review

American Pop

By Snowden Wright - Published 2019



“Southerners are only as good as their ability to tell a story,” writes Snowden Wright. His terrific novel American Pop proves Wright to ...Read Review

The Summer Country

By Lauren Willig - Published 2019



In The Summer Country, Lauren Willig transports readers to 19th-century Barbados with two alternating storylines. Emily Dawson, a vicar’s daughter, arrives in ...Read Review

The Mystery of Three Quarters (Hercule Poirot Mysteries)

By Sophie Hannah - Published 2018



When four seemingly unconnected individuals receive letters claiming to be from Hercule Poirot and accusing them of murdering the same person, it gets ...Read Review

The Black Ascot (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries)

By Charles Todd - Published 2019



For ten years, Alan Barrington, wanted for a murder committed at the 1910 royal horse race called the Black Ascot, has eluded capture by ...Read Review

The Eulogist

By Terry Gamble - Published 2019


Having lost claim to their holdings in Northern Ireland, the previously landed Givens family makes their way to the United States in 1819. Things ...Read Review

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

By Hazel Gaynor - Published 2018


Grace Darling loves life on Longstone Island, in Northumberland, England, where she helps her father with lighthouse duties at night and collects specimens ...Read Review

Ahab’s Return: or, The Last Voyage

By Jeffrey Ford - Published 2018


This story meshes various characters from Herman Melville’s collected works into an adventurous, fast-paced Moby Dick continuation. Stunningly, Ahab has survived the ...Read Review

The Lost Vintage: A Novel

By Ann Mah - Published 2018


This novel follows a familiar model—a young American woman travels to Europe and discovers truths about herself by exploring the life of ...Read Review

November Road

By Lou Berney - Published 2018



November Road is a gripping drama steeped in the aftermath of the JFK assassination in 1963. Charlotte Roy has made the uncertain decision to ...Read Review

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