Snow Hall

Written by Elizabeth Gill
Review by Jeanne Greene

In 1907 County Durham, Lorna Robson lives in poverty, selling hats. Then Aidan Hedley, handsome solicitor for the Carlyle family, delivers a letter addressed to her as Lorna Carlyle. Lorna receives a stunning bequest—the run-down Carlyle manor Snow Hall—from a grandfather she never knew. Lorna leaves the shop, borrows heavily, stays with Adam’s family for a while, and then moves in with spendthrift Carlyle relatives. Lorna enjoys the more exciting life—until Ralph Carlyle insists she marry him. Lorna sees Ralph for what he is, but too late. He tries to kill Aidan. In spite of her foolish decisions, her marriage to Ralph, and her fruitless search for her mother’s family, Aidan Hedley stands by Lorna’s —but how much can one man take?

Elizabeth Gill lives in Durham. Fans of her many popular novels (Paradise Lane, 2010) will be pleased with this touching story of folly, family, and love.